3 dialysis machines and chairs at Lakeland Dialysis
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Why are bookings referred to as enquiries in this section?

Although we will try to provide you with the date and time that you have requested we can not always meet your preferences. Our online enquiries section allows you to make us aware of the dates and times that you require and we will accomodate you based on our operational requirements. Once we have reviewed your enquiries we can quickly convert these to bookings.

How long will it take for someone to respond to my enquiry?

We will endeavour to contact you back within 24 hours but this can change based on the time of year and at weekends. Always be assured that we will try to meet your requirements as soon as possible and you will always be contacted back by your desired means.

Why do you ask for a contact preference when making an enquiry?

We prefer that you are contacted back by a method that suits you and does not infringe on your privacy.

Why do you ask for my hospital details and next of kin when making an enquiry?

This speeds up the booking process and means we have important information about you stored on our computer system. It also allows us to quickly and efficiently allocate you dialysis sessions whilst on your visit.

What happens after I have been contacted back and a booking has been made?

The important medical forms that must be submitted to Lakeland Dialysis will be e-mailed to your home unit. These forms need to be completed and signed by the appropriate bodies on your behalf.